Meat Pie Music is an independent music publisher, based in Australia.  We are dedicated to quality and ethics.  We have a small, select group of award winning writer's who are capable of writing to suit almost any genre. 
Please browse the site, and listen to some takes from our writers.  Songs that are loaded on the site are signed to MPM, and available to be covered. 

Please contact Brenda-Lee if you would like a full length version of any track to listen to.  If you would like a specific song, or style, that you don't hear on the site, we can easily arrange for it to be written by one of the team, or co-written with your artist, or yourself if you are the artist.  Single song contracts apply.
Check out the latest news, and fantabulous ideas from one of the best publishing businesses EVER!.   
Read about the 'Light of Hope" project, the artists, the sponsors and hear a little of each track.  You can purchase Light of Hope                                
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