Neil White CD's for sale.
We have had interest in the music of Neil White, signed with MPM for copies of his cd's. If you would like a copy of either, or both of his albums, 'Caught In The Headlights' and 'A Magpie's Flight' please contact brenda@meatpiemusic.com
November 2013 Sonny Coogan recording vocals on EP.
Sonny Coogan, winner of the MPM prize pack, is coming to put his vocals onto an EP that is sure to set give him a great leg up into country music industry. Sonny has been playing live gigs for the last year, honing his skills as a live musician, and is now ready to take that next big leap. 5 songs from the MPM catalog have been chosen, to give Sonny the best possible platform to showcase his talents, and with such great songs, it's sure to be an eye opener to the industry. Recording will take place from Sunday 1oth - Tuesday 12th November. Keep and ear out in the near future for some really hot tracks! We'll keep you posted!
Brent Lillie wins 'We Are Listening' Lyric Writer Award, with 'The Deal'.
A panel of judges including Chris Farren and Chris Van Belkom from Combutsion Music Group Nashville, have chosen Brent Lillie as the winner of the International Lyric Award. MPM congratulates Brent on a great achievement and a truly deserving song. Well done! Looking forward to hearing the finished product.
Lots on the go! First up... How about a 'HOTDISK' #1 for Fergal Flaherty in Britain and Ireland, with a song written by Brenda-Lee Heathcote-Shelly! Now that's news!
And still climbing on the UK charts. Currently at #8 this week.
MPM Signs Irish Writer NEIL WHITE.
Meat Pie Music is proud to welcome NEIL WHITE, of Waterford, Ireland, and 24 songs (2 albums) on board! Neil's writing is modern/ indie, with well sculptured lyrics and great vocal and instrumental production. His last album, 'Caught In The Headlights', (with MPM) was recorded in Ireland, produced by Joe Chester, then mixed in Nashville at TJ Tunes. A quote from top Irish music magazine "Hotpress" on the album "Sparkling guitars, terrific vocals, and the wistfulness of mid-period beatles”, “mouth watering harmonies to go, admirable stuff." MPM is looking forward to a flourishing partnership with Neil. Some tracks will be available in part to listen to soon on the 'Our Writers' section of the site.
MPM announces our latest project "FISHING REAL"
A new show in the making, "Fishing Real" will be a show based on local fishing, the characters, what really happens, and each episode, will incorporate a musician, who will both fish, and add some great musical content. MPM writers' songs will also feature. A light hearted but truthful look at what fishing is really like (not the charter boats with the marlin rigs..) the get down in the mud, get dirty, catch some fish, sing some songs type of fishing! Keep an eye out on this site, there will be a page coming soon, dedicated to the show. If you have a fishing song, and would like it in the show, please send it to brenda@meatpiemusic.com Hold onto your hats, this is gonna be fun!! The actual website will be at http://www.fishingreal.com.au
MPM New Release. Vacation Vibrations Volume 1.
MPM is proud to announce a new album, created by Brenda-Lee and Scott Shelly. Instrumental tracks, written for, and including some already created pieces, to suit the holiday goer, and help them to get into that relaxed, happy vibe. Great album, great price, just $15. It will be in the MPM shop soon!
Irish artist Fergal Flaherty cuts Brenda-Lee's track "I Won't Let You Down"
Well known Irish artist Fergal Flaherty, has just gone into the studio to record his next album. Fergal is a well known, and extremely popular act in the UK, and is co-owner of an establishment in Tenerife, Spain, called "The Hole In The Wall", which has been known to be frequented (and join Fegal on stage) by legends, such as Daniel O'Donnel and Sir Cliff Richard. Brenda-Lee has written many tracks for and with Fergal over more than a decade, and over a course of 3 albums. The latest track "I Won't Let You Down" will be included on the next album. A real foot stomper, in the style of Mumford and Sons. Looking forward to the album, and hearing Fergal weave his magic with it! (Pictured is Daniel O'Donnell, Fergal Flaherty (at back) and Sir Cliff Richard)
November 2012. Jamie Trent signs.
MPM is proud to announce the signing of two songs, by Virginia US based songwriter JAMIE TRENT. Jamie has contributed two great country songs to the MPM catalog, both with a traditional yet modern feel to them. A very talented writer, and MPM is proud to have him aboard!
October has been COOKIN'!
What a big weekend for Meat Pie Music, the 27th and 28th of October. Sonny Coogan shone in his guest appearance at Champion of Champions held at Kedron Wavell Services Club. Sonny sang 2 of the MPM songs that will be released on his forthcoming debut ep, stepping up to the plate with a fantastic performance. Well done Sonny, great job! In more exciting news, it was a really tough competition to judge, as the talent was immense. Justin Standley, former X Factor competitor took out the whole event, winning the coveted "Champion of Champion" title for 2012, and will be an excellent ambassador for such a great competition. Scott and I are both to have been judges throughout the weekend. The standard seems to be raised each year. For our prize, the Meat Pie Music 'Party Pie Pack', winner this year, is the extremely talented Melissa Partridge (pictured). Congratulations Melissa, we look forward to working with you in the next year. Melissa also won the Senior Academy of Country Music Scholarship. One very talented young lady. We are proud to have her on board.
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